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“I’m not sure which recent article is having the impact (or maybe it’s a combined thing) but I have received some super high quality leads both personally as well as through our website. Much larger opportunities than ever before from global agencies. Each one is a potential 6 figure deal. Thanks for your continued help and support and let’s keep it up!”


Gideon Rubin, Strategist & Advisor, Navads, Shout About US


“ILM was an amazing show and we got rave reviews on so much. It was hard not to find a smiling face during the networking session last night. You are a central reason for this success and we want to express our appreciation for your unceasing driving effort to develop compelling marketing emails, PRs and more to give this show an attractive theme and value prop. It all worked.”

MacKenzie Lovings, VP of Marketing, BIA/Kelsey