Protecting Your Social Media Channels

Jeep and Burger King’s social media channels were recently hacked raising awareness of the importance of keeping social networks secure.

While small businesses have less of a chance of being the target of hackers, there is still a significant security risk if you don’t protect or even know your own social media passwords.

Small businesses, start-ups, and lean marketing departments all understand the importance of being on social media to connect with customers and drive awareness for their businesses. When resources are scarce, the responsibility for social media can fall to an intern or an employee with another job function within the company who may have had some previous marketing experience.

When interns and employees move on, businesses need to ensure they are not taking vital social media login information with them.

Companies that are trying to grow their business are focused on revenue generation and can often view social media as a tertiary function for the company. Instead, companies need to see social media as the company’s voice to customers, press, investors, and competitors.

When setting up your social media accounts, you should:

  • Create a generic email address such as to use instead of someone’s specific email address
  • Develop a complex password and change it often
  • Ensure more than one person within the company knows the social media passwords
  • View your social media channels at least once a week to monitor activity

Take the time to update your social media channels and protect your investment in your business voice.

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