80% Independent Pizzerias Not Offering Online Ordering


Data from PMQ Pizza Magazine shows that market share of independent pizzerias in the US is down 25% since 2010, while that of top chains is up as much.   Top chains are making it increasingly easier for customers to place orders, by leveraging online and mobile initiatives such as 1-click ordering, text ordering, advance ordering (by which a pizza can be ordered up to twenty-one days in advance), repeat ordering (of previous orders) and so forth. On the other hand,  SMB DigitalScapeaudit of nearly 17,000 pizzeria websites across the US reveals that 80% of independent pizzerias  do not offer any online ordering at all.

Independent pizzerias are not leveraging web and mobile tools to grow their business the way the top chains are.  The latest infographic from vSplash points the various opportunities for improving the digital presence of independent pizzerias, and the revenue opportunity thereof for digital marketing service providers for bringing web presence of local pizzerias to best practice standards. Neal Polachek will be sharing the analysis today at BIAKelsey’s Leading in Local conference being held in Boston.

Pizza Infographic

Download the infographic here

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