Multi-Location Businesses Investing Aggressively in Digital for Local Marketing – Report by BIA/Kelsey and Surefire Social

A new report by Tango Group client BIA/Kelsey and Surefire Social highlights opportunities for brands to effectively market across their local affiliate networks (franchisees, dealers, contractors and agents) and examines the related challenges that must be addressed. “Succeeding in National to Local Marketing with a Networked Approach” reveals multi-location businesses see local marketing solutions as important, and are investing aggressively in digital platforms and channels to realize growth.

The report spotlights a number of key challenges that businesses face while optimizing their digital local marketing strategies:

  • Consistent application of brand standards while maintaining local flexibility.
  • Ability to demonstrate ROI at all levels.
  • Ongoing coordination of lead generation strategies and tactics from the national to local levels to ensure a “network effect.

Read more in today’s press release, including details about a free webinar presenting the report’s findings:

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