BIA/Kelsey: Automotive Businesses to Spend $15.1B on Local Advertising in 2015

In its latest vertical industry report, “Insights into Local Advertising – Automotive Vertical,” BIA/Kelsey estimates automotive organizations will spend more than $15.1 billion on local advertising in 2015, representing 11.1 percent of the $137.9 billion total local advertising market. Of this amount, 77 percent is expected to be allocated to traditional media.

BIA/Kelsey estimates 33.9 percent of local automotive advertising budgets is spent on over-the-air television, and another 1.7 percent on TV online advertising. In addition to the heavy use of television, newspaper (14.7 percent), online (12 percent) and over-the-air radio (11.6 percent) account for meaningful traditional market shares in automotive local ad spending.

Pure online advertising, consisting primarily of search, is the largest digital automotive channel. BIA/Kelsey projects all growth in local advertising for the automotive vertical category will occur on online/digital media, reaching 30 percent of total local advertising by 2019, up from 12 percent in 2015.

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