BIA/Kelsey Estimates On-Demand Household and Transportation Services Will Generate $18.5B in Revs in 2015

BIA/Kelsey estimates companies providing on-demand household and transportation services will generate $18.5 billion in revenues in 2015, representing 3.9 percent of the total addressable potential market for on-demand services. Much of that revenue is captured in transportation, particularly by Uber, which is expected to book more than $10 billion in ride revenue in 2015 (inclusive of drivers’ share).

“We examined how big the local on-demand economy can become if it enables 1099 labor to exchange work in one category for services in another,” said BIA/Kelsey NOW Conference Chair Mitch Ratcliffe, senior analyst, digital media strategist, BIA/Kelsey. “With a baseline for on-demand labor market penetration, the industry can consider its potential and understand the economic factors that will shape it.”

BIA/Kelsey analysts will present the firm’s LODE outlook at BIA/Kelsey NOW, June 12, in San Francisco. The one-day event examines the rise of the local on-demand economy and its implications for brands, service providers, local media and local workforces. The event features more than 30 on-demand experts and investors, including keynote speakers Ethan Anderson, CEO of MyTime, and Joanna Lord, VP, Marketing for Porch.

Read more about it here:

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